Experts Wanted

If you personally make money from your betting or trading…

Whether your specialist sport is football, golf, horse racing, US sports or tennis...

I can offer you an extra, and potentially very lucrative, way of monetising your expertise.

And I say with a heavy dose of credibility because over the last 20+ years I’ve used my know-how of the betting and information publishing industries to create, develop and manage lots of profitable commercial ventures.

I have extensive experience of building-up subscription-based advisory services, I’ve written and sold numerous publications and I’ve also been involved in the development of Betfair trading and betting applications.

And because my business is all about connecting regular punters with winning professionals and easy-to-copy solutions, I’m constantly on the lookout for new experts.

So if your in-depth knowledge of a particular sport, or certain niche betting markets, translates into you personally winning money…

And more importantly, you’re interested in how we might be able to work together to give you what could easily be a sizeable extra income…

Then by all means send me an email to

Or call me on my main contact number - 07917 356942 (mobile).

But before you do...

Please be aware of my "No.1 cast iron rule"

Simply put...

I always make sure that every single expert I ever recruit to supply bets for an advisory service, or partner with to develop software or publications, is of the VERY HIGHEST QUALITY.

And I'd also add...

You MUST have in-depth knowledge.

If you’re looking to share your know-how with my members, you MUST show me evidence you’re personally backing your own bets and that your long-term profits form part of your income (if not all of it).

Oh and you MUST have the same devotion as me to making sure my members enjoy the most professional winning experiences.

If you’re confident you pass on all counts, I’d strongly suggest you take the first step towards a potentially lucrative commercial deal and get in touch.

Take care, all the very best and I look forward to hearing from you.


Steve Clark
Founder, Winning Online