The Dinosaur Report

If you finally want to get your own back on all the useless
tipsters you've ever joined in the past...

You know, the ones who promised they'd make you rich, but ultimately
left you feeling ripped off, skint and bitterly disappointed...

Then this truly game-changing story is definitely a MUST-READ

"This revolutionary multi-billion dollar prediction technology pioneered by the smartest organisations on the planet including...

Goldman Sachs

... is primed to turn human betting tipsters into dinosaurs and allow you to dramatically transform your own betting fortunes when I introduce you to
The Winning Machine"

Dear Friend,

Traditional flesh and blood tipsters…

Those mortal human beings who can end up getting paid ridiculously large amounts of money to figure out which horses will win races, or which golfers will shoot the lowest scores in tournaments, or which football teams will avoid defeat in 90 minutes…

Are heading towards extinction, exactly like the dinosaurs.

What did you say? "Hip, hip, hurray".

Well, I'm sure that's your reaction if you've ever signed-up to a tipster and then given them the elbow after being left battered and bruised.

No doubt like thousands and thousands of other disgruntled regular punters, you'd certainly wish all tipsters were wiped off the face of the planet!

Hello and thanks for reading this insider’s perspective on the future of tipsters (or not as you’ll soon see) and how a state-of-the-art technology I’ll reveal to you in this report is threatening their very survival.

My name is Steve Clark. I’m the founder of Winning Online and I’ve been at the very heart of the tipster industry for almost 25 years.

And it’s this extensive background and vast experience of being a true insider tracking down, recruiting and managing tipsters…

Combined with closely monitoring key trends within technology, computing and betting over the last couple of years…

Which is why I can say with some authority that right now there is a tremendous new opportunity for you to cash-in from the death of human tipsters (especially under-performing ones who have a nasty habit of losing you money).

Obviously, this isn’t going to make pleasant reading for the army of one-man-band tipsters who desperately try to lure you, and other extra income seekers just like you, into handing over your hard-earned money in exchange for so-called professional bets.

In fact, I’m bound to put a lot of noses out of joint by what I’m saying here. Even former colleagues and business partners probably wish I’d just keep my mouth shut so I don't damage their own interests.

But if winning extra money is on your radar...

And you've also had terrible past experiences with tipsters which you'd like to try and reverse...

Then I feel a duty of obligation to tell you about the immense potential for you to catapult your betting winnings by taking full advantage of a ground-breaking technology used by the elite operations of Silicon Valley, Wall Street and the world's top security services like GCHQ and the CIA.

Which brings me on to...

The rise of the Machines

It’s all very “Terminator” I know, but the main reason I firmly believe human tipsters could easily be heading the way of Tyrannosaurus Rex is because they’re no match for a miracle exploding technology called Machine Learning (ML).

You might know it by its other commonly used name – Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Quite rightly described as the "4th Industrial Revolution", the basic gist of ML / AI is simply that computers - the machines - keep learning all by themselves without needing humans.

Just read that last sentence again. It's not just tipsters who could be toast. We’re all potentially in the firing line!

It’s a strange and even frightening concept to get your head around, but to understand the fact that machine learning is an absolute winner, let me quickly explain how computers have traditionally been used.

Normally they’ve been programmed with a fixed set of variables to complete specific tasks much quicker than humans labouring with pen and paper. It has been a very rigid process with hard-coded inputs and fixed conclusions.

Take betting for instance.

A list of past race results could be fed into a computer with a simple software program written to identify, say, whether it was profitable to back horses wearing first-time blinkers for a specific trainer.

Now when you’re out to extract lots of cash from bookies, which I know is what you're determined to do, this would obviously be very useful information to know. But it’s positively stone-age compared to modern day machine learning.

Little-known about and barely understood by the average man in the street, in recent years there’s been a quantum leap in how computers collect, handle and interpret data.

AI is flourishing now thanks to advances in computing, falling costs, and crucially, an explosion in the data needed to test intelligent machines.

The upshot is that the world has quite suddenly become a living lab for AI, where algorithms are thrown against
billions of data points”

Danny Fortson - Technology correspondent at The Sunday Times

And this is where, as you keep reading on, you’ll realise you now have a massive opportunity to profit and secure yourself a long-term extra betting income.

And you’ll be in the very best company alongside some of the world’s most pioneering and cutting-edge organisations like…

  • E-commerce giant Amazon who use ML to cleverly personalise your online shopping experience and are even starting to deliver goods by drone!
  • Silicon Valley tech titan Google who are within touching distance of cracking their driverless cars due to the formidable learning power of ML.
  • The world’s most profitable investment bank Goldman Sachs who extract hundreds of millions of dollars of profit from the financial markets through automated ML-driven trading.
  • Britain’s codebreaking intelligence agency GCHQ whose boffins rely on ML to hunt down and neutralise terrorist threats.

A real knockout blow for
Machine Learning

Amazon, Google, Goldman Sachs, GCHQ and lots of other super smart outfits all appreciate there are no limits to the potential of machine learning.

And they'd all wholeheartedly agree that for any tasks where…

1. You have huge amounts of data (which is exactly what you have with betting)...


2. You want to learn new insights from this data which no human has ever thought about (which puts tipsters on the dole queue)...

… then ML / AI technology doesn’t just win on points, it knocks humans (tipsters included) flat on their backs!

This is because the technology is most effective when it’s allowed to work its magic on vast amounts of raw data - literally hundreds of thousands of data points.

Just look at the examples below where humans are already getting sidelined

Renaissance Technologies

You’ve probably never heard of this secretive US financial hedge fund but I can tell you their Medallion Fund, which is at the pinnacle of quant-based investing crunching tons of data, is described as “the world’s greatest moneymaking machine” having made billions of dollars for its founders.

So watch out human traders because the computers have already taken over.


The global IT mega company has its own Artificial Intelligence powerhouse called "Watson" which can eat through 67 million pages of text every second!

This super-powerful computer is already being used in leading cancer hospitals around the world because it has the incredible capacity to digest the thousands of medical and academic papers which are published daily.

And based on analysing all this data – a totally impossible feat even for a team of doctors – it’s proving increasingly accurate in diagnosing cancer in patients.

It begs the question doesn't it as to whether doctors could be in line for their redundancy notices?

The fund management industry

They’ve got away with eye-wateringly high charges for years whilst looking after (if that’s what you call it) all our savings, investments and pensions.

But they’ve now been shaken to the core by the rise of “robo advisers” – automated, algorithm-based portfolio and investment systems where humans don’t get a look in.

Does this mean bye-bye fund managers? Another pile of humans for the chop?

Oh and lip-readers had better watch out as well

Another example where humans are getting beaten hands down was reported in The Sunday Times magazine.

Researchers from Oxford University teamed up with Google’s AI unit called DeepMind to train a machine to lip-read based on 5,000 hours of BBC current affairs TV footage.

The machine ended up being 46.8% accurate. Admittedly that’s not perfect, but the professional ‘human’ lip-reader who was given 200 clips from the same 5,000 hours got just 12.4% words right.

If you’re in the lip-reading business then I'd politely suggest you start looking for another job.

Data really is king

Now what all the above examples prove is that having access to the right kind of statistical data is priceless. Like gold dust in fact.

But it’s only worth having if it’s put in the right hands, and I can tell you, those hands don’t have fingers and thumbs.

Even an army of humans would take several lifetimes to manually work through the sheer amount of data being collected nowadays. And this certainly applies to sports-related information.

“Every two days the world creates as much data as was generated in the entire history of mankind up until 2003”


So computing power, as it’s done for a long time actually, saves vast amounts of time by allowing data to be collected and studied more efficiently and far quicker.

But it’s all very well having mountains of data sat all over the place on servers. The key is to analyse, learn and profit from it.

Read on and you'll see why machine learning is now holding all the aces

ML / AI technology is able to reveal hidden insights...

Optimised patterns...

And most importantly...

It can make accurate predictions without originally being programmed to discover them.

This last point is the critical advantage because when you let machine learning loose on mountains of data, it produces predictions which no human would ever have thought about in the first place.

“While human IQ is on average 100 and geniuses such as Einstein have 200 IQs, my prediction is that machine intelligence will have a 10,000 IQ”

Masayoshi Son - Founder of Japanese technology multinational Softbank

So say you had access to this year's second-by-second Sterling versus US Dollar currency prices…

Or past football results for every league around the world for the last 10 years…

Or horse racing odds movement data from the world’s biggest betting exchange, Betfair.

All of this kind of information would be utterly meaningless to your naked eye. In fact, you could stare at it until you were blue in the face and you’d still be none the wiser.

And this is where machine learning has the upper hand over humans because it has the ability to discover signals, trends and patterns amongst all the noise of the data.

In essence, it’s a mind-blowingly powerful prediction technology.

And it's getting even more sophisticated, and producing increasingly improved results, by the day. The speed of technological innovation is truly incredible which leaves us all vulnerable to being dumped on the scrap heap.

“Machines are getting smarter and better. Human beings appear to be getting dumber and more violent”

Dan Denning - Publisher at Southbank Investment Research Ltd

Here's the really jaw-dropping
bit though...

As new data is added...

The machine actually trains itself to get better and better! It learns and improves.

So it’s no wonder we've seen seismic progress when machine learning has been applied to driverless cars, disease detection and cracking fiendishly difficult board games like Chess and Go.

Even poker, a notoriously difficult game for computers to master, has fallen to their increasing mastery of human intelligence, guile and ingenuity.

Libratus, an Artificial Intelligence robot, thrashed world class players over 20 consecutive days of No Limit Texas Hold'Em in January 2017.

And the really scary bit...

It learnt how to bluff and knew when it's opponents were bluffing!!

“It's a rather unsettling proposition - a machine that
can out-bluff a human”


Now I'll explain in a minute just how powerful the technology can be for you to rack up tax-free winnings when I introduce you to a high-tech machine learning horse racing algorithm called The Winning Machine.

First though, let me pile even more agony on the toes of bread-and-butter tipsters.

ML / AI are already disrupting the betting world in a big way, and human tipsters are increasingly going to be fighting for their very survival. Applying it to Darwin's Theory of Evolution, machine learning and artificial intelligence are taking over.

But there's another nail in the coffin for tipsters which I haven't even mentioned yet.

Machine learning is totally immune from this critical flaw which haunts tipsters

I said right at the start of this report that I've been deeply involved with tipsters for over two decades.

And I can tell you that all of them had the same critical flaw - they were human.

Why is that such a problem?

Because as you and I both know, to be human is to be emotional (to varying degrees).

And you’d be shocked actually if I told you how many tipsters I've come across (and it's a lot!) who have been emotionally fragile.

In fact, in my experience, what can really play havoc with tipsters is the build-up of stress and pressure when they know paying subscribers are following their bets. It can mean they all too easily fall to pieces.

I’ve witnessed this first-hand many times since 1995, even after tipsters have passed every aspect of my lengthy behind-the-scenes due diligence processes.

The truth is…

And this might surprise you…

Professional gamblers and sports betting experts winning money for themselves based on their specialist, in-depth knowledge is totally different from advising their bets to others. This is where the emotional cracks can definitely start to appear.

It’s a bit like knowing your lines for a play and then freezing when you’re thrown in front of a live audience.

When the stage lights have been switched on and a horse racing or sports betting advisory service I’ve been involved with has gone live and started to recruit members, I’ve seen tipsters panic and get rattled when results have been volatile….

Or they’ve felt incredibly guilty after a run of consecutive losers.

They’ve regularly lost their focus and discipline, under or over-staked bets, or even advised bets they wouldn’t necessarily have placed themselves because they thought members wanted action.

I even knew one very well-known professional who had to take a complete break from tipping bets because he was on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

That’s obviously a really bad situation for someone to get themselves in but it just shows you the stress tipsters can put themselves under to deliver profitable bets.

Stress and pressure are emotional killers in any walk of life, but especially so in the results-driven betting world.

Yes, you’d expect all tipsters to act like stone cold unemotional robots churning out the right bets at the right odds, but in my experience, this rarely happens.

Actually, having been around tipsters since 1995, only a minority have successfully transferred their money-making abilities from privately betting to publicly sharing their bets as part of a tipster operation…

And more importantly…

Kept their profits flowing over the long-term.

Now don't get me wrong...

I’m not saying ALL human betting tipsters are emotional wrecks so don’t touch any of them with a bargepole. That would be nonsense.

My key point is that as someone with an insider’s perspective of coming across hundreds of them over almost 25 years, the extent to which they suffer from their emotions just like regular punters shouldn’t be underestimated.

And when subscribers who don’t necessarily understand the maths of professional betting demand winners…

Which in their eyes is why they’re handing over their hard-earned money in subscriptions…

The pressure to deliver the goods (and the profits) can become crippling for tipsters.

It can lead them to tinkering too much with their proven strategies, second guessing their core beliefs and generally behaving too emotionally.

So tipsters failing to live up to expectations…

Something that might ring bells with you…

Is all too common I’m afraid.

Thinking about it as well…

Outside of the betting world, so-called experts like economists and politicians are increasingly being exposed for their continually inaccurate forecasts and predictions.

“Brexit won’t happen”. “Trump can’t be president”. “House prices will crash”. All comments at least partly based on emotional outbursts or misreadings of data.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence on the other hand can give you an unrivalled winning edge

Unlike dyed-in-the-wool human tipsters, ML / AI technology doesn’t suffer from stress, emotional ups and downs and psychological biases.


1. Data is analysed totally objectively. Emotion gets chucked out of the window.

2. Optimised winning patterns are unearthed which, as you’ll see when I briefly mention The Winning Machine in the next section, are far too complex to spot using old-fashioned form study, standard computer programs or basic statistical techniques.

And crucially, as I said earlier...

3. The technology keeps on learning and improving as more and more data is collected, added and continually analysed. Machine learning can positively adapt without luck or subjective opinions clouding its processes. Personal judgement is non-existent.

Oh and another positive as well...

4. It never gets bored or needs a rest!

Now you'd be making a HUGE MISTAKE
if you got left behind

From all my long hours of research into ML / AI and its impact in the betting world, there is a significant technological revolution going on right now which you need to jump on board with if you’re looking to prosper over the coming months and years.

In fact, I'm certainly not being too dramatic when I warn you that there’s a real danger you could be left at the back of the queue if you don’t grab this opportunity with both hands right now.

The reality, you see, is that many betting markets are getting smarter all the time. Which means it’s even more difficult for the average punter to consistently win money.

When I say they’re getting smarter, I mean odds are increasingly sharper – more accurate in other words.

This is due to bookies monitoring and reacting to high rolling, tech-savvy professional gamblers and syndicates who have embraced the awesome power of machine learning.

Take football as an example.

Operations like Star Lizard and Smart Odds have won millions by putting IT power and sophisticated data analysis at the forefront of their businesses.

And don't think for one moment that the bookies themselves are asleep at the wheel. They’re most certainly not.

They're actively devoting resources to try and get on top of this betting revolution and are tapping into machine learning to make more profits by increasing the accuracy and efficiency of their odds.

So if professional sports hedge funds, and even bookmakers, are already beating the technology drum and leaving ordinary punters in their wake, it begs the obvious question...

Exactly how can YOU seriously profit from machine learning?

I have the answer for you. It's called The Winning Machine.

Put simply, this is the name given to a world class machine learning horse racing algorithm and automated software designed and developed by a top data scientist known only as "Rain Man".

And from everything I've seen over the last two years...

Including the fact it hammered the UK's top human tipster by £2,537 over six weeks...

Banked a wallet-busting £107,518 between January 2017 and January 2019...

And started this year with a £5,542 January profit...

I can honestly say that The Winning Machine is certainly one of the most exciting and profitable opportunities I've ever come across in nearly 25 years.

So to step in right now and take advantage of your 30-day 100% Risk-Free Trial, just click here now.

Okay, that’s the end of The Dinosaur Report and I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed reading it.

Old-style human tipsters on the brink of extinction because they’re simply no match for a smarter, shrewder, more objective, quicker and emotionally bomb-proof technology is certainly an eye-opening story.

But it’s no fairytale. It’s happening right now as you read this.

And a classic example of the awesome power of machine learning in action, which most certainly has the potential to reliably, consistently and seriously boost your income, is The Winning Machine.

Take care and all the very best.


Steve Clark
Founder, Winning Online