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After nearly 25 years advising income seekers how to win cash on horse racing, football and golf, I thought betting on the dogs was a mug's game...

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Dear Reader,

My name is Steve Clark and I've spent a quarter of a century helping regular punters boost their incomes so it's fair to say I know a thing or two about betting.

But there's ONE sport I'd never cracked.

Until the autumn of 2017 I thought greyhound racing was just for old timers, adrenaline junkies, geezers and chancers.

You might feel the same way.

But I think you'll change your mind when you see the kind of runaway profits this so-called "old school" niche sport can make you in a MATTER OF SECONDS.

I'm talking about £103 in 23.83 seconds...

£150 in 27.18 seconds...

And £206 in 15.95 seconds.

It's incredible actually how quickly you can bank your profits. There's no other sport quite like it!

What's more...

The winnings come in thick and fast, pretty much day-after-day, without taking big risks, chasing losses or wasting too much of your valuable time.

And I'm willing to put my own neck on the line and PROVE IT TO YOU.

Because starting today I'm inviting you to copy the strongest personal bets of my elite level greyhound professional for the next 30 days 100% Risk-Free.

And if you're looking for a lazy (but fast!) way to top up your income, you're going to love it just like these members...

Keep 'em coming. Profit tonight equivalent to between £4,500 and £6,000 per year. Works for me mate thank you guys!


Joined April 23rd 2018

You are amazing. 7 out of 8 wins in the last 2 days. Congratulations and thank you.


Joined February 28th 2018

Just wanna say thanks - superb win that was, very easy. I have never made money on dogs before so this is great :)


Joined March 22nd 2018

Okay, let me explain what this cracking opportunity is all about.

Confessions of a greyhound snob...
Why I was so WRONG!

A lot of punters think betting on greyhounds is for mugs.

And you know what?

They're right.

Well, mostly right.

You see, there's a staggering volume of dog races, seven days a week from 11 o'clock in the morning until sometimes 11 pm.

That's roughly 4,500 monthly races involving over 25,000 runners.

This explains why your typical dog punter doesn't know which way to turn. They throw away their cash on hunches and pray they're going to get lucky.

And if you follow the same approach then you'll quickly hand your money over to the bookies. You may as well spin a roulette wheel - a canine one!

Now as a respected betting industry expert, I've always known the dogs were very profitable for bookmakers because of so much mug action.

And I admit...

I was what you might call a 'greyhound snob'.

As someone more interested in horse racing, football and other sports, I looked down on dog punters.

I'd occasionally been to Belle Vue in Manchester, or watched betting shop addicts chucking away their money, and thought they may as well be throwing tenners out of the window of a speeding train.

All the evidence told me that the bookies were the only winners.

Then I had my "Road to Damascus" moment.

Through a contact of a contact (I'm very well connected within the betting world), I ended up speaking to a guy who used to be in charge of Betfair's greyhound markets.

He confirmed that the high volume of emotional bets was the reason why a huge amount of money was sloshing around dog racing...

Which meant a lot of opportunities for fast profits - you can cash out with winners in as little as 15 seconds!

Anyway, his vast bookmaking experience and the fact he's a full-time greyhound backer, layer and trader meant he wasn't making stupid, random bets.

He was ignoring 99.9999% of runners, targeting only small numbers of very specific races, and making serious amounts of money.

The precision and professionalism of his bets was incredibly impressive.

So using every persuasion skill I knew, I convinced this former Betfair insider to join forces with me to create the equivalent of a winner-finding greyhound machine and allow me to share his specialist expertise with a controlled group of followers.

Along with 25 years of offering the highest quality, most professional winning opportunities in partnership with the very best insiders and experts I can get my hands on, the upshot is I've put together what I believe to be
the UK's go-to source for easy dog winners and consistent, long-term profits - an advisory service called Top Dogs.

And today, you can trial it, 100% Risk-Free for the next 30 days.

Simply copy these lightning-fast winners to see money start whizzing into your bank account time and time again every month

I'll send you all the bets over your first 30 days.

All you have to do... this is so, so simple... is watch out for my email and free text message alerts, quickly copy the bets and you're done!

Well, you're done other than the fact you can win anything from £103 in 23 seconds to £206 in 15 seconds.

You can paper trade the bets, or go with real money, it's entirely up to you.

And if you're not happy with Top Dogs for any reason whatsoever, simply walk away within 30 days. The experience won't end up costing you a penny.

But I'm sure when you see tax-free cash consistently flooding your bank account, you'll be more than happy to sail through your 30-day Risk-Free Trial and keep your subscription rolling month-to-month. 

Here are just a few of the comments I've been deluged with since 2018 from very happy members, many of them totally new to winning money from the dogs...

But look, I know you're probably sceptical about dog racing...

And I know you get offers all the time from tipsters telling you how great they are and shouting about how much money they're going to win you.

So I want to wipe out all the risk for you and let you piggyback the bets over the next 30 days so you can experience the profits you can personally accumulate.

That's the only way I can prove to you just how phenomenally profitable greyhounds can be... IF you know exactly what you're doing.

Which is why my former head of Betfair's greyhound markets is so crucial to your success.

How Britain and Ireland's top greyhound insider can shrink over 25,000 runners a month into targeted profits

As I've explained, the sheer volume of runners each and every day is overwhelming for most punters.

But you won't be most punters.

You can sit back, relax and let my full-time professional supply you with ​his strongest personal bets.

You don't need any experience of the dogs and you don't need to take time out of your busy day for research or screen watching.

My expert, and his strategically hand-picked winners, take care of everything.

This guy is the best in the greyhound business in my opinion.

He's got years of winner-finding experience and an extensive network of contacts.

But it wasn't easy convincing him to spill his secrets and share his precision bets.

He's fiercely private and certainly doesn't want his name splashed everywhere, getting unwanted attention from the bookies, punters and rivals. His anonymity is critical because in the tight-knit dog world, his name is instantly recognisable.

So I've had to promise NEVER to reveal his true identity and instead use the alias of "The Dog Scientist".

Now to give you a flavour of who he is and his outstanding credentials to supply you with the rat-a-tat-tat of constant winners...

Just as he's done since November 2017...

Here's a quick lowdown about him...

"The Dog Scientist"

  • Extensive bookmaking background and formerly head of Betfair greyhounds.
  • Full-time professional backer, layer and trader.
  • Encyclopaedic knowledge of UK and Irish dog scene. Greyhound racing is his life!
  • Bred and owned dogs.
  • Been involved with leading greyhound trainers.

With his combined passion for greyhound racing and unrivalled insider expertise, you can understand why Top Dogs is the ultimate service of its kind, just as member Jennifer discovered...

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the top dogs service. As I have never placed a bet on dogs before and know nothing about do racing I am therefore very impressed.


Joined Top Dogs March 28th 2018

Now if you'd kicked-off your 30-day Risk-Free Trial when Top Dogs first started, you'd have quickly realised exactly why hanging on to the coat-tails of my seasoned professional is essential for you to bank tax-free greyhound money.

Because up to the end of July 2020 you'd have clocked up rapid-fire profits from mostly straightforward win-only bets 358 times including...

£83 in 27.79 seconds...

£62 in 15.81 seconds...

£60 in 42.68 seconds...

£75 in 24.63 seconds...

£69 in 16.52 seconds...


£81 in 41.77 seconds.

All these quick winnings are based on just £25 per point with the average recommended stake since the very first Top Dogs bet working out at a little over 2.5 points.

Obviously, you might be comfortable backing at this level, which is fair enough when steady £60, £75 and £83 payouts are yours for the taking.

But if you fancy staking a little more then your winnings can get even tastier.

Imagine hundreds, even £1,000+, hitting your bank account every month

At £50 stakes for example, you'd have pocketed £2,429 last January...

A record-beating £3,231 in March 2019 (the biggest ever winning month in Top Dogs history)...

£2,131 in July 2019...

A further £1,886 last November...

And £1,482 between January and July this year.

And I'm very confident the winnings trend can continue during, and well beyond, your 30-day Risk-Free Trial.

Because when you've got a first-class greyhound brainbox sharing his strongest personal bets...

Proven to deliver you consistent winners...

Then it's simply a case of you piggybacking on his bets for you to steadily bank low-risk and long-term profits.

This means that even if you're a greyhound virgin, you can easily pile up wins right from the get-go, just like these members...

Very pleased with the start to your Top Dogs tips. 6 out of the first 8 is impressive indeed.


Joined April 6th 2018

Another great day... 3 wins from 5. Keep up the good work.


Joined May 1st 2018

Full house last night. Great job again. Send my thanks to your tipster as well.


Joined March 28th 2018

Now to experience first-hand your own rapid-fire cash payouts, all you have to do is take up your 30-day Risk Free Trial of Top Dogs today.

What you'll get with your Top Dogs trial

During your trial I'll send you alerts by email and optional free text message whenever my expert advises a bet. All you have to do is copy them!

The bets will reach you at 12 noon (UK time) usually for races in the evenings so you'll have plenty of time to get on.

I'll also give you my email address and personal mobile number so you can call or text me, day or night, if you need any help with absolutely anything. I'll reply back to any email fast - normally within 24 hours and most of the time a lot, lot sooner.

This means you'll never be stuck or left to fend for yourself.

No, of course you won't win with every bet. But over your first 30 days, based on the actual Top Dogs results going back to November 2017, the odds are heavily stacked in your favour that you'll come out with a very solid profit for very little effort.

And if you don't feel you've made enough money, you can have a No-Questions-Asked FULL REFUND

Now you've probably steered clear of cashing-in from the dogs, just like I did before my eyes were opened to the fact I'd been missing out on literally tons of winners and profits all these years.

So I'd love to give you the same lightbulb moment as me and members like Pete...

So to encourage you to put aside any of your own doubts about betting on the dogs and jump on board your 30-day Risk-Free Top Dogs Trial...

You'll instantly be on to a winner with
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Normally, priority access to Top Dogs comes in at £49.75 + VAT a month.

But because of your link to Matthew Walton...

And the fact that Matthew is batting on your behalf having persuaded me to offer you a very special deal...

You can sign-up right now for a 40% Money-Off Monthly Deal of just £29.95 + VAT.


I'll also give you this EXTRA BONUS...

Your FREE copy of
Greyhound Wealth Secrets (worth £47)

Greyhound Wealth Secrets

Pretty much a bible for making money from the dogs, with the help of "The Dog Scientist" I've written an 80-page fully illustrated instructional blueprint crammed to the rafters with tons of invaluable pointers, shortcuts and winning strategies.

It's called Greyhound Wealth Secrets: Your Ultimate Profit Blueprint for Generating Tax-Free Cash Backing, Laying, Dutching and Forecast Betting the Dogs.

And it includes...

* The three types of racing dog and how to spot a potential winner or a dud based on a single letter on a racecard.

* A 7-step strategy that focuses on a certain race grade for supercharged, regular profits of £88, £92 and £120 or more in a single hit.

* A cracking system from "The Dog Scientist" for finding premium dogs hidden amongst the also-rans.

* The secret statistic that practically guarantees a laying win.

* The "old timer trouncer" laying strategy.

* Why 20 is the magic number when it comes to increasing your laying wins by a huge margin.

* 4 proven dutching secrets to spread your risk and double, treble, even quadruple your winning potential.

* The simple rule used by "The Dog Scientist" for spotting "liquid gold horses" - these dogs are so profitable they may as well be 24-carat!

Previously sold for £47, Greyhound Wealth Secrets has been hugely popular with feedback like this...

It's one of the clearest step-by-step manuals for a beginner I have come across in such a long time.


Purchased March 11th 2018

I'm having quite a bit of success from your manual particularly the lay bets.


Purchased March 7th 2018

I recently purchased your GWS and was very impressed with the amount of info it contained.


Purchased April 24th 2018

And by the way, Greyhound Wealth Secrets is yours to keep, just for starting your Top Dogs trial today.

Now I can't promise your 40% Money-Off Deal and your FREE BONUS blueprint will be available forever so make sure you get your hands on it right now.

And just to repeat...

You'll get all of the strongest personal bets from "The Dog Scientist" sent by email (as well as by text message if you opt-in and you're in the UK) for the next 30 days... all Fully Protected with a Money-Back-Guarantee.

Which means that I'll happily refund your initial £29.95 + VAT if you decide that professional greyhound betting isn't for you. There won't be any deductions for card charges or administration costs.

So to give Top Dogs a go by taking advantage of your 30-day Risk-Free Trial, please click on the image below to sign-up quickly and securely online with your Visa or Mastercard...

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Or you can even call me on 07917 356942 to get your 30-day Risk-Free Trial all set-up over the phone.

Take care and I look forward to you cleaning up from the next lot of Top Dogs rapid-fire winners.


Steve Clark
Founder, Winning Online

P.S. Join today to exclusively benefit from a 100% Refund Guarantee during your first 30 days...

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Which all means...

Just like since Top Dogs started when 358 rapid-fire cash payouts could have been hot-footing their way straight into your bank account including...

£83 in 27.79 seconds...

£62 in 15.81 seconds...

£60 in 42.68 seconds...

£75 in 24.63 seconds...

£69 in 16.52 seconds...


£81 in 41.77 seconds...

You can immediately start winning the fastest money of your betting life.

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