Email Whitelisting

Getting emails you don’t want, or haven’t requested, is a problem for everyone.

But if you’ve freely given Winning Online (a trading name of Select Opportunities Limited) your personal details either because you’ve purchased any products or services…

Or you've signed up to any email newsletters, or downloaded any free reports…

You'll definitely want every email sent by Winning Online to reach your inbox, instead of potentially being blocked or filtered by the Internet Service Provider (ISP) who provides your email.

And the way to make sure this happens is to whitelist


Yes, all it means is that emails from have a much better chance of consistently getting through to you if you add this email address to your contacts list, address book or safe senders list.

So please find below easy-to-follow whitelisting instructions for a few of the major email providers.

If yours doesn’t appear, or you need any help whitelisting, either email me or call me on 07917 356942 (mobile).


- Open the latest email you received from

- Click the ‘Add Address’ button to add to your ‘People I Know’ list.


- Open the latest email you received from

- Click the drop down arrow next to ‘Reply’ in the upper right side of your inbox screen.

- Click ‘Add Steve from Winning Online to Contacts List’ from the drop-down menu. This will add to your contacts list.

Note as well if you read your emails by logging in to the Gmail website…

Make sure emails sent to you from aren’t going into your ‘Promotions’ tab because you’ll potentially miss them. If you spot this happening then you can easily resolve it by right clicking an email and moving it to your ‘Primary’ tab, and then clicking yes to confirm all future emails should automatically be directed to your Primary tab.

Hotmail (now renamed

- Open the latest email you received from

- Click 'Options'.

- Click ‘Junk Email Protection’.

- Select 'Safe List'.

- In the space provided, enter in the ‘From’ line and click ‘Add’.

- When you see in the ‘Safe List’ box then click ‘OK’.

Microsoft Outlook

- Find the latest email you received from

- Right click on the email, scroll down the dropdown menu until you find ‘Junk Email’ then click on the ‘Add Sender’s Domain to Safe Senders List’ option.


- Open the latest email you received from

- Copy the address in the 'From' line.

- Click on 'Settings'.

- On the email settings screen, click ‘Junk Email Guard’.

- Select 'Safe List'.

- In the space directly under ‘Add people to the safe list’, simply enter

- Click Add’ and you’re all done.


- Open the latest email you received from

- Click 'Mail Options'.

- Click 'Filters'.

- Click 'Add Filter'.

- In the row called ‘From header’, make sure ‘contains’ is selected in the dropdown menu.

- Click in the text box next to this dropdown menu and enter

- Then where it says ‘Move the message to’, select ‘inbox’ from the dropdown menu.

- Finally, click the ‘Add Filter’ button.

Few people realise just how important whitelisting is, especially because Winning Online is classified as a betting and trading-related business which means it can potentially be even more awkward dealing with ISPs.

So I can’t stress to you how important it is that you whitelist

It’s easy to do and it’s the most effective way you can stay connected to Winning Online.