Winning Online...

I chose these two simple words for the name of my business because they sum up what I suspect is very high on your wish-list.

Which is...

To track down professional, elite-quality winning opportunities and increase your income by Winning extra money Online.

So if you're interested in coming out on top from strategically betting or trading on horse racing, sports or financials...

Well, you’ve definitely come to the right place.

Now before you check out my current winning opportunities to take increased control of your own financial destiny…

Let me tell you a bit more about me and my background

My name is Steve Clark. Here I am on the right with less and less hair by the day!

My name is Steve Clark. Here I am above with less and less hair by the day!

I’ve dedicated my whole working life to connecting regular punters with winning professionals and easy-to-copy solutions.

I started off in the mid-1990s as the Operations Director of what at the time was Britain’s biggest and most feared horse racing tipster operation called The Winning Line.

Back then, and for the next 10 years, I was on first name terms with renowned experts like Mark Coton (Racing Post Pricewise founder), Nick Mordin (writer and systems whizz), Dave Nevison (author, broadcaster and professional gambler) and Patrick Veitch (a fearsome plunderer of bookies cash tills to the tune of millions of pounds).

I even used to call Lester Piggott very early in the morning during the Flat season to discover the inside scoop about which horses should be passed on to members.

Needless to say it was a fantastic, real-world education for someone fresh out of university (with a geography degree!) and I ended up being involved for a decade.

Steve Clark - Winning Online

So what have I been up to since I left The Winning Line?

Well, since 2005 when I set out on my own to continue helping and showing extra income seekers like yourself the ways and means to generate more financial freedom, I’ve developed, managed or consulted on quite a few different ventures as you can see below...

Advisory Services - Horse Racing

 - The Shamrock Express

 - The Analyst

 - Operation Agent

 - The Advanced Market Predictor (AMP)

 - Project 85

 - 2YO Cash Fund

 - The Pro Backer

 - The eTrends Black Box

 - Strategic Investment Plan (SIP)

 - Elite All-Weather Circle (EAWC)

 - Senior Agent Network

 - Racing Intelligence
 - The Winning Machine

Advisory Services - Sports Betting

- Tennis Betting Service

- Keith Elliott's Premier Golf

- Golf Insider

- The Gibraltar Syndicate

- Scottish Football Income Booster

- English Football Insider

- The Hedge Fund Insider Club

Publications - Financials

- Making Money on The Financial Markets - A Pro Trader Reveals His Secret Strategies

- The Secure Wealth Builder
- The Peer-To-Peer Business Lending Blueprint

Publications - Football

- Making Money on The Football Markets

- The Soccer-4-Money System

Publications - Horse Racing

- The LRT System - Using The Betting Exchanges For Guaranteed Horse Racing Profits

- 24/7 Cash Cow - The Inside Story of "The Betfair Millionaire"

- The IP System - Exploiting The Hidden Profit Potential of The Betting Exchange Place Markets

Publications - Poker

- The Secrets of Online Power Poker


- RETA (Rapid Exchange Trading Application)

- WORMM (Worked Order Market Manager)

- MIT - Market Information Live Betting Shows Tool

- The eTrends Black Box Trading System

- 24/7 Virtual Private Servers

My "No.1 cast-iron rule"

Now whether it’s been day trading Betfair scalping software like RETA…

Or the Artificial Intelligence technology which powered The Winning Machine...

I’ve always religiously stuck to a “No.1 cast iron rule” drilled into me during my days at The Winning Line.

Click here to read on and I’ll explain why this rule has formed the bedrock of my philosophy, the fact it’s built to protect you, and also how you can prosper from it starting today.