So what's my "No.1 cast iron rule" and how can it
financially benefit YOU?

I learnt many invaluable lessons from my time at The Winning Line between 1995 and 2005, but there’s one
in particular…

My “No.1 cast iron rule”

Which, when you sign-up to any of my advisory services, publications or software opportunities, can give you both peace of mind and genuinely put you in the profit-generating driving seat.

Simply put...

I always make sure the experts I recruit to supply bets for my advisory services, or partner with to develop software or publications, are of the VERY HIGHEST QUALITY with specialist, in-depth knowledge.

If they’re advising bets, they MUST show me evidence of backing them personally and that their long-term profits form a significant part of their incomes, or even their entire livings are generated from intelligent speculating.

And they MUST have the same devotion as me to make sure members enjoy the most professional winning experiences.

Picture of you sat on shoulders of me and expert

"I put in all the effort and legwork so you’re sat pretty"

In fact, my fanatical commitment to quality is
without doubt borderline OCD!

I operate to phenomenally high standards which means I never cut corners when it comes to doing my utmost due diligence in finding the right experts before launching a new product or service.

Actually, I'm a downright pain in the backside because I’ve been around high rolling professional backers, brainbox system builders, form junkies, journalists, millionaire traders and bookies for over 25 years, so I can sniff out genuine talent from have-a-go chancers.

For any expert who tells me they have a track record of making money, I can assure you, they have to jump through so many hoops it's painful.

I normally spend months from initial contact going through a crucial but drawn out process of background checks and face-to-face meetings, past results analysis and rigorous stress testing.

This last bit involves me seeing whether a potential new source of winning information can deliver on their promises.

Bets or trades are sent to me before events like horse races or football matches take place so I can then build up a detailed live testing record… seen in real-time with my own eyes!

And if I like what I see after a decent chunk of bets, I’m then prepared to stake my own money to continue my scrutiny. I’d much rather I discovered any weaknesses in a tipster’s personality or strategy, and even occasionally lost my own money, rather than it happen to you.

As you can see from what I've said so far...

I'll only ever offer you winning opportunities which have been thoroughly tested to within an inch of their lives.

They'll be proven in real-world conditions, and because I’m painstakingly cautious about the type and quality of professionals I choose to work with, my portfolio of opportunities is always extremely selective.

You see...

I'm fortunate to be at a stage in my life where I’m free to decide how I spend my time.

This means I take great care, and spend countless research hours, uncovering and developing opportunities which personally interest me.

My meticulous approach is a win-win for both of us

Now you're no doubt interested in how you can generate multiple extra income sources (most of them tax-free) which don’t take up too much of your time.

I'm exactly the same.

But I’d stress to you that I’m never in a rush to get involved with any opportunity if it doesn’t live up to all my high standards.

Sadly, if you look at the betting industry, whether bookmakers or tipsters, it’s geared up to pander to “recreational gamblers” who are desperate for action but don’t really expect to win over the long-term.

Far too many tipster operations...

And I should know because I've seen it...

Rush out products which haven’t undergone proper testing, or they’re prepared to sell anything at any price because their sole aim is to keep subscriptions rolling in.

Now you're right...

I do make most of my income from publishing highly desirable betting and trading-related information, but I’m very controlled in the way I go about doing it.

My main motive for running Winning Online is so that both of us can profit from professional betting and trading edges, and other extra income strategies, I’m able and prepared to discover and share with you.

Okay, so now you know about my philosophy,
but what do I expect from you?

If you’re one of the “recreational gamblers” I mentioned above, I’ll be straight up with you…

None of my opportunities will ever benefit you.

Because nothing I ever offer you will stop you throwing your money towards the bookies.

On the other hand, if you have certain must-have character traits – ideally all of the 7 I’ve detailed just below – then you’re exactly the type of person I’d be very happy to have on board.

1. You're deadly serious about tucking away extra money from targeted opportunities.

2. You're willing to put in some effort to achieve the most profit.

3. You're disciplined and can follow simple instructions.

4. You're ready to approach your betting (or trading) exactly like the professional you’re likely to be copying.

5. You're prepared to set aside the necessary risk capital and stake bets sensibly by copying clearly laid out risk management strategies.

6. You're patient enough to focus on long-term returns.

7. You're cool-headed and can maintain emotional calmness after both winning and losing bets.

So by all means have a good look around my website…

Obviously check out the current winning opportunities...

And if you need to ask me anything, really anything at all, either send me an email to or call me anytime on 07917 356942 (Mobile).

I look forward to you starting your winning journey as part of Winning Online very soon.


Steve Clark
Founder, Winning Online