Bill Benter - Billion dollar winner

This Quiet American Invented a Horse Racing Computer Program that COULD NEVER LOSE

His algorithm made $3 million from Hong Kong racing in 1991-92... $10 million in 1994-95... and almost a BILLION DOLLARS over two decades

Now, a top UK data scientist has ingeniously applied the same maths principles combined with
state-of-the-art technology to
WIN BIG from British horse racing...

And today, it's your turn to copy his predictions Risk-Free to see if you can also
bank upwards of 20 grand a month

Dear Reader,

Hong Kong, 2001...

A mild-mannered American by the name of Bill Benter sits in a tower block watching a horse race on TV.

For the past decade he's been using a highly sophisticated computer algorithm to make millions from the races.

$3 million dollars in the 1991-92 season...

$10 million in 1994-95...

And the race he's watching now, well, it could be his ultimate mega payoff with a jackpot prize equivalent to $13 million for predicting the first three home.

Winning such a colossal sum will take some serious luck.

Not for Bill Benter though.

Luck is not something he's ever relied upon.


Because his system analyses millions of race outcomes using only hard data. No hunches, no inside tip-offs, no guesswork. In fact, no human interference whatsoever!


"We've done it. We hit the triple trio" Benter tells his companion.

Or rather...

His ALGORITHM had done it.

As Bloomberg reported...

"Bill Benter did the impossible - he wrote an algorithm that couldn't lose at the track".

20+ years ago this seemed like make believe, but thanks to quantum leaps in computing technology, regular punters like you can now also take full advantage of cash-generating algorithms like the one Benter used to mop up hundreds of millions.

And today, this is your unmissable opportunity to pocket some serious coin from...

A money-printing machine built by a brainbox who makes MILLIONS for a major bank

My name is Steve Clark and I've been in the betting industry for nearly 25 years.

From 1995 to 2005 I was one of the senior guys who ran The Winning Line, Britain's leading horse racing tipster operation at the time.

We employed the best experts money could buy - the likes of Pricewise founder Mark Coton, maths whizz and multi-millionaire gambler Patrick Veitch, on-course professional and TV presenter Dave Nevison, and even racing legend Lester Piggott.

So I've a very long history of dealing with some of the biggest, highest profile names in the industry.

But nothing... and I mean NOTHING... compares to the brainbox I want you to meet now.

Until three years ago he knew ZILCH about betting or horse racing.

In fact, to this day, horses don't actually interest him at all.

But thanks to his outstanding data genius...

He makes millions of pounds for one of the biggest high street banks in the UK (he won't let me say which one) by drowning himself in tons of data and building advanced prediction models...

He's now raking in money from machine-driven predictions courtesy of the super-intelligent computer algorithm he's spent the last few years developing and fine-tuning. And starting today, you can COPY HIM.

At its core, his algorithm uses a very similar mathematical approach to Bill Benter - something called 'Conditional Logistic Regression' if you're interested in knowing - to generate laser-precise positions with brilliant results as I'll prove to you when you keep reading on.


Another 12.5 points for me in one race today. Whatever electricity you're feeding that machine keep it going. Very happy punter this end.



Joined July 22nd 2018

And today I'm thrilled to be giving you the opportunity to also WIN BIG from British racing by taking advantage of his cutting-edge algorithm Risk-Free for the next 30 days.

When "Rain Man" meets artificial intelligence, just like Bill Benter... YOU CAN'T LOSE

When I first met this data scientist...

And he won't let me reveal his real name because he's intensely private...

He reminded me a bit of "Rain Man" from the famous Dustin Hoffman, Tom Cruise movie (and this is the name I've chosen to call him - codename "Rain Man").

This softly spoken, somewhat nervous guy - a child chess prodigy I later found out - is obsessed with mathematical formulas and what he excitedly calls the "engineering of data". 

And while he might be a little awkward in polite conversation, he's like a fish in water when dealing with data and numbers.

Now when he's making forecasts for the bank he does high-level work for, he uses the same ground-breaking artificial intelligence technology - also known as machine learning - currently being pioneered by the smartest organisations on the planet including Amazon and Google...

Wall Street titans such as Goldman Sachs...

Plus the world's top security services like the CIA and GCHQ.

​The basic gist of this technology is that computers - the machines - keep learning by themselves...

Without needing humans!

And "Rain Man" has applied the same state-of-the-art technological approach, where the beating heart is maths and data know-how, to spewing out winners and cleaning-up from British horse racing.


An algorithm just as powerful, perhaps even more so, as the ones Goldman Sachs, the CIA and Amazon use.

All that computing power directed at finding you the horses with the highest probabilities of winning which also have the best value odds.

It seems unfair doesn't it?

Obviously, you don't have to be Einstein to understand you're going way, way beyond the capacity of any human tipster.

You see...

And you shouldn't underestimate this jaw-dropping power because no human tipster I've ever dealt with in almost a quarter of a century of being heavily involved in the betting industry can come close to matching it...

Artificial intelligence algorithms can collect, churn and sift through vast amounts of horse racing data to reveal winning patterns amongst all the noise which no ordinary human could ever spot...

Make deadly accurate "who will win a race?" predictions which you or I would never have thought of...

And ultimately come up with the optimised sweet spot where a specific mix of hundreds of variables - such as going preferences, past form, ratings, trainer patterns, weight and distance analysis - produces the most profitable results.

So it's no wonder a lot of human tipsters are heading the way of Tyrannosaurus Rex

Since 1995 I've come across literally hundreds of tipsters. Some have been first-rate experts with great knowledge and the ability to produce long-term profits.

They're the SELECT FEW I've been prepared to partner with, which is why my specialist advisory services receive feedback like this...


You are amazing. 7 out of 8 wins in the last 2 days. Congratulations and thank you.




Full house last night. Great job again. Send my thanks to your tipsters as well.




Keep em coming. Profit tonight equivalent to between £4,500 and £6,000 per year. Works for me.



But I'll be brutally frank...

Most tipsters just can't hack it.

They might make money on their own, but when the chips are down and the pressure is turned up in live situations with real members forking out subscriptions, I've seen so many tipsters buckle to emotion, ego, biases and stress.

I've seen tipsters panic after a poor run, lose their discipline and advise bets they wouldn't normally place themselves just because they felt they needed to tip something.

While you might expect tipsters to act like unemotional robots, churning out the right bets at the right odds, this rarely happens. And I should know because I've been intimately involved in the tipster industry all my working life.

Only a tiny minority actually successfully transfer their personal betting success into profitable tipping.

Now please understand me...

I'm not saying ALL tipsters are emotional, stressed out wrecks.

My point is that humans (tipsters included) are fundamentally flawed.

You can see this play out away from the betting world where economists and politicians come out with irrational comments like...

"Brexit won't happen"... "Trump can't be president"... "House prices will crash".

These dramatically inaccurate forecasts are all because of biases, knee-jerk reactions and speculation.

And this is why you've probably always been disappointed if you've ever joined tipsters in the past. They've no doubt failed to live up to your expectations.

So based on everything you've learnt so far, it wouldn't come as a great surprise if I told you that the best tipsters don't have fingers and thumbs!

With all my years of betting experience, especially in horse racing, it actually makes me laugh that so many punters still think having access to old-fashioned inside information is the only way to truly prosper.


Second-hand rumours, gossip, conjecture, chinese whispers?

Do you really want to stake your hard-earned money on that?

You might as well read tea leaves!

No, for my money...

Data is DEFINITELY the "new inside information".

And those who know how to collect the "right data", in large enough volumes, and use artificial intelligence technology to exploit it...

Well, they're the only backers who have the upper hand in an increasingly data-driven betting world.

Which is why I'm willing to prove this to you by putting you in this elite, clued-up group with your 30-day Risk-Free Priority Trial to The Winning Machine.

This is the name of my machine-driven horse racing advisory service where you get to copy all the bets generated from my data scientist's Bill Benter-style money-printing algorithm to give your own income a potential boost of £3,586 on average EVERY MONTH.

After nearly a quarter of a century dealing with over-emotional human tipsters, I'm now inviting you to fill-your-boots from
machine-based winning predictions

Now whenever The Winning Machine flags up qualifying positions...

And it does this on an almost daily basis when it uncovers the horses with the highest probabilities of winning which also have the best value odds...

I'll send you an email and a free text message alert around 11:15 am with all the details clearly laid out.

Most days, especially during the summer when lots of racing is taking place, you'll normally be sent 3 or 4 predictions. 

In fact, The Winning Machine is specifically programmed to advise a maximum of 4 daily high probability and optimised value odds positions.

All you have to do is copy them using the recommended staking strategy and minutes later you're done. That's it.

Now based on the results going all the way back to January 2017, there's no reason why exclusive access to The Winning Machine's scientific predictions can't be winning you £3,586 on average EVERY MONTH.

You're right, there's no hard graft on your part, but that's not all. 

There are even more MASSIVE POSITIVES for you...

​​* You don't need to waste your precious time watching any races.

* You don't need to spend hours wading through 'How-To-Win' manuals.

* You don't need to ruin your eyes staring at your computer all day, or fiddle around stressing out trying to trade in-and-out of bets.

* And you don't need to do any analysis or research yourself into trainers, form or anything else to do with extracting pots of extra cash from the horses.

If you have a mobile, tablet or computer, which I'm presuming you do, it's simply a case of you keeping an eye out for my emails and texts around 11:15 am and then simply copying the predictions.

As I said earlier, I've been around some of the best and biggest names in the tipster world, and having personally vetted The Winning Machine for a long time (and I can tell you, I'm a hard taskmaster!), I know it's seriously profitable and a near certain way to boost your monthly income by hundreds, if not thousands of pounds.

But I want to be totally straight with you, which is why I need to say...

You must be a cut above most punters to profit from The Winning Machine

I'm not interested in getting down on bended knee pleading with everyone who reads this website to get signed up for a 30-day Risk-Free Priority Trial.

Because having dealt with thousands of regular punters over more than two decades, I know pretty much all of them are far too emotional...

Usually bet with "scared money"...

And their bottle goes at the first sign of a few losers.

The Winning Machine, you see, isn't about the stomach churning thrill of the secret tip-off or screaming at the TV over a potential big winner.

If you want an emotional rollercoaster ride, sorry, but please "don't read on any further".

The Winning Machine can only financially benefit the elite group of punters - perhaps you're one of them - who tick these boxes...

* You're deadly serious about tucking away extra money.

* You're disciplined and can follow simple bet and staking instructions.

* You're ready to approach your 30-day Priority Trial exactly like me and my data scientist.

* And finally, you're also patient, cool-headed and can maintain emotional calmness after both purple patches and occasional setbacks.

Remember, The Winning Machine is completely different from all the other advisory services I've ever been involved with in that it's 100% focused on applying data and mathematical genius to extract pots and pots of long-term cash from British racing.

​​There are no emotions, no guesswork and no human-related biases.

Just COLD, HARD DATA with "the machine" selecting the predictions, which, from all the evidence I've seen going back months and months, is far superior to relying on a potentially flaky human tipster.

All you have to do is keep following the exact positions The Winning Machine tells you to take during your 30-day Risk-Free Priority Trial. It's as easy as that.

And if you do, based on my auditing of the results from January 2017 up to the end of last month - a total period of 30 months - you can expect to bank yourself £3,586 on average EVERY MONTH.

Look, here's a full warts and all monthly breakdown proving how much extra cash you can be piling up with The Winning Machine


Profit to £10 stakes

Profit to £25 stakes

Profit to £50 stakes

Profit to £100 stakes

January '17




























































January '18




























































January '19






























Total Profits





As you can see above, the total profit up to the end of last month is approaching £108,000 based on following the advised stakes to £100 per point, with 22 recorded winning months from the last 30 - a 73.33% winning monthly strike rate.

[By the way, the average advised stake is 1.58 points].

Some months, like May and June 2017, have been real profit-thumping blockbusters because every now and again The Winning Machine will even surprise my data scientist inventor by conjuring up enormous-priced qualifiers.

A classic example was on May 28th last year when Ertidaad was narrowly beaten by a neck at a Betfair Starting Price of 90. This one prediction alone, advised at a recommended stake of 2 points, could have put a huge 178 points profit in the kitty - or almost £9,000 backing to £50 per point.

The key is to keep following The Winning Machine like clockwork so that just like Bill Benter's millionaire-making algorithm, over the medium to long-term... YOU SIMPLY CAN'T LOSE.  


Absolutely brilliant winner in the 2nd race. This information is proving to be top drawer stuff. Thanks for allowing me to be part of it.



Joined July 8th 2018


Great winners yesterday, I put £10 ew on a yankee and got £2,500 return. Thank you.



Joined July 21st 2018


I'm about £400 up this week, it might be closer to £500.



Joined July 6th 2018


I have bought so many betting plans over the years, in fact, I have just cancelled the ones I still paid for, after all, what's the point in keep paying for mediocre results when I have the best one I have ever used. Fantastic results. I am well up with you Steve. I feel another holiday coming on!



Joined July 9th 2018


I placed a £10 EW accumulator which delivered £9,920. One of those a month would be handy :-) 



Joined March 24th 2019


What a great day yesterday. The icing on the cake was Greek Hero coming in @ 10/1. Give the machine a pat on the keyboard for me.



Joined April 5th 2019

Put The Winning Machine to the test yourself RISK-FREE for the next 30 days

As soon as I see you've signed-up...

And please bear in mind what I said earlier about me not being interested in dealing with panicky, up-and-down punters who haven't got the right mindset...

I'll start sending you the predictions generated by an ingeniously designed artificial intelligence algorithm created by a top-notch UK data scientist.

You'll be alerted around 11:15 am by both email and text message to your mobile. You simply place the positions within a minute or so and you're done. There's no need for you to be glued to a computer. You just get on with your day.

Now The Winning Machine algorithm is always busily gathering, trawling and manipulating data so you'll be sent its predictions 7 days a week... but ONLY IF it triggers the sweet spot combination of high probability outcomes and value odds.

Every prediction will also have a specific recommended stake running from 1 to 5 points, going up in 0.5 increments. These stakes have been automatically calculated by "the machine" so if you want to aggressively maximise your winnings then the best advice is to copy them to the letter.

I'll also give you my email address and personal mobile number so you can call or text me, day or night, if you need any help with absolutely anything. I'll reply back to any email fast - normally within 24 hours and most of the time a lot, lot sooner.

This means you'll never be stuck or left to fend for yourself.

And the biggest perk for you is...

Your personal access to The Winning Machine is on a completely trial basis for your first 30 days so you can see how much money YOU can make from the predictions without any further obligation or commitment.

And if you don't feel your profits are what you expected, or you have any other reason for quitting, just let me know and you can have a No-Questions-Asked FULL REFUND.

Okay, let's talk money

First up...

Let me remind you that by taking advantage of your 30-day Risk-Free Priority Trial right now, you're getting specially invited access to the precise predictions from an artificial intelligence algorithm which uses the same core maths principles as the computer program invented by the legendary Bill Benter - the professional I introduced at the start who won almost a BILLION DOLLARS.

The Winning Machine has a 73.33% winning monthly strike rate...

And even if you end up backing at just £10 per point...

You can win £358 on average EVERY MONTH.

Or if you up your stakes to £25 per point...

You can win £896 on average EVERY MONTH.

Or if you have the right funds (and mindset don't forget!) there is a potentially VERY SERIOUS MONTHLY INCOME of £1,793 or even £3,586 waiting for you to collect if your staking was, say, £50 or £100 a point.


I'm already over £400 up since Monday.




What a great call on Juneau. Lovely!




Congratulations on a stellar first week.



So based on this HUGE winning potential...

And the fact I only want serious, patient and cool-headed members to partner up with me and my data scientist in what I can say, hand on heart, is the most exciting and profitable horse racing venture I've ever shared with regular punters in nearly 25 years...

It won't surprise you at all...

In fact, some would argue it's too damn cheap(!)...

When I say that I can add your email address and mobile number to The Winning Machine's exclusive members list for a monthly subscription of £99.50 (plus the usual VAT which you can blame on the government, not me).

But because of your existing connection to me and Winning Online...

I'm handing you a Special Introductory 50% Money-Off Deal.

Claim your '50% Money-Off Starter Deal' NOW

If you know a genuine wealth builder when you see one then make sure you jump all over this outstanding horse racing opportunity before you personally miss out. [Make no mistake, this offer could be withdrawn at anytime].

You can sign-up to The Winning Machine today and start seeing the awesome money-making power of my data scientist's tried-and-tested algorithm for a Bargain 50% Money-Off Deal of just £49.75 + VAT.

And please remember...

Your first 30 days are Fully Protected by a Money-Back-Guarantee so you can have a Full Refund if you're not happy for any reason. There definitely won't be any deductions for card charges or administration costs if you decide to walk away.

[Note: Your 50% discounted deal is a Special Introductory Offer for your first month only. Subsequent months will be billed at £99.50 + VAT].

Now I can't promise you'll be matching Bill Benter by winning millions and telling your boss where to stick it...

But I can say that laser-precise winning predictions, powered by sophisticated artificial intelligence...

The same pioneering technology used by the likes of Amazon, Google and GCHQ...

Can be heading your way if you hurry up now and secure your 50% Money-Off place.

Simply click on the image below to sign-up safely and securely online with your Visa or Mastercard...

Or if you'd prefer to use your Paypal account, just click the Subscribe button here...

Or you can even call my office on 01625 529044 and I can get your 30-day Risk-Free Priority Trial all set-up over the phone.

Human tipsters with all their biases and flaws versus an Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator-like machine...

It's definitely no contest!


Steve Clark
Founder, Winning Online

P.S. If you're still sceptical that the ultimate combination of unemotional maths, advanced data science and truly state-of-the-art technology can thrash any human tipster you've ever followed...

And you want to instantly claim your 50% Money-Off Starter Deal...

Then put The Winning Machine to the test for the next 30 days 100% Risk-Free by clicking on the image below...

P.P.S. So many members rave on about their own winning experiences of The Winning Machine...


I trust this service more than anything else I've tried.




Thanks for the fantastic selections they are amazing.




I have just won enough to cover first and 2nd months subs. Keep up great work.




Congratulations to the Rainman for today's stunning wins. Three out of four is brilliant.




Very impressive start to The Winning Machine. Here's to happy days!




The results have been and continue to be brilliant. The Winning Machine is one of the best betting value products I've seen in many years.




Yesterday's results were excellent and very nearly amazing.